We manufacture women’s shoes from the city of Jaú, São Paulo, and ship to all of world, with noble materials, modern design and attention to the smallest details. With more than 12 years’ experience, which confirm the credibility and consolidate its characteristics as a manufacturer for well-known brands in the market. It creates products with the main international fashion trends and that meet the needs and desires of the most demanding consumers. Sophistication and constant innovation are also extremely strong features in Delicata products. Come and see our product to explode your sales, and make you a great player in the women’s footwear market throughout world.

  • The Best Shoe and Footwear Factory
    We broke the fashion barrier, created and shipped it all over the world.
  • We produce and place your brand to retain your customers.
  • Virtual catalog to facilitate your orders.
  • Special conditions for tenants.
  • More than 600 models available.
  • 100% qualified labor.

Discover the manufacture of Footwear

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  • We provide quality products with the best cost benefit in the market, we have the best price without giving up Comfort and Quality.
  • Padded insoles
  • Non-slip sole
  • Heel protector
  • First-rate materials
  • Satin lining

We have credibility consolidated in the market


Products that stand out worldwide for QUALITY, DESIGN, COMFORT AND INNOVATION, we manufacture with your logo and ship worldwide.
The products are associated with a differentiated and desired lifestyle, reaching diversified target audiences in addition to meeting different occasions of use.
Producing over 1200 pairs a day, with more than 300 active customers spread throughout Brazil and the world, with over 11 years of experience that confirm the credibility.
Over the years, the company has achieved improvements in the areas of production, technology, innovation, management, marketing, and is considered by customers to be the best factory for women’s shoes.

Place your order, and serve your customers with one of the best products on the international market.Our minimum order for export is two thousand pairs.Have a wide variety of models and sell more. Meet the needs of all customers, have more options.